Bunk Houses

Bunk Houses

Traditionally bunk houses were made for the farmhands on ranches. A bunkhouse is usually a barrack-style long building that housed multiple bunk beds for employees with space for eating, cooking and storage area. These temporary accommodations are often given different names: bunkhouse, cabin, line camp, buckaroo camp, cow camp etc.

But in the modern day they can be used as so much more. A long rectangular structure of a bunk house can serve as a vacation home for your family or a make-shift office. Al-Sadiq Freight Services delivers these bunk houses in Pakistan for immediate use. They are designed to handle rough conditions that they can encounter on construction sites and remote locations. Your new bunkhouse will come with all comfort of home and usable mobility. These are efficient with self-contained facilities that can shelter you with style and durability.

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