Portable Cabins


Portable Cabins

Portable cabins as the name suggests, are relocate-able compartment that are built for multi-purpose use. These are built at Al-Sadiq Freight Services under supervision of industrial expert who can turn a box into added rooms for a house, make a home office, an outhouse, tourist cabins, on-site offices, sleepouts, vacation home, trailer home or farm living spaces and any other structure that our clients have in mind.

These cabins are timely delivered to our clients for immediate use. They are ideal for expansion of any commercial and private buildings as they are cost and time efficient. They can be built into any shapes and are sturdy to weather seasonal changes.

Our cabins layouts are designed specifically to suit client’s needs whether it’s about timber cladding or circular windows. We made our cabins in the same aesthetics as the rest of the building it is to be attached with. They can also be relocated to another place should the need arise. If our clients are on budget restriction that we can work around it by laying a strong foundation for later any additions.



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