Embassies are our most valuable clients. We lend our services extensively and entirely to the embassies located in Pakistan. From all kinds of containers to temporary offices or bunk houses, everything is built and completely provided by us.


We provide our services and products to all universities completed and while being built. Our valuable clients are precious to us. We provide everything they need with care and filled with quality.

Government Institutions

As you must know, Government Institutions require all sorts of containers and our services from time to time. There are shipping containers for sale and for rent that we provide. There are also storage containers which are the most used ones in Government Institutions. We serve them with the perfect quality along with all the …

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Retail Consumers

Retail Consumers are one of most important clients requiring our products and services for a variety of different things. While one business or franchise could require containers for shifting and transporting material or offices, others may require temporary offices or bunk houses. All types of accommodation are entertained and available. We make sure they get …

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Oil and Gas Companies

One of our most valuable clients are Oil and Gas Companies which require our services consistently from time to time. We make sure to provide them with peculiarity and great packages.

Research Departments

We also have Research Departments available for all the expertise and information you might require on major projects for which we provide our services. These research departments are at your disposal. We help you gather your requirements and your specifications about which types of containers would be best for you and which kinds of services …

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