Office Containers

Al-Sadiq Freight Services offers its clients office containers that be installed permanently or temporarily, depending upon the client’s requirements. The design and space in these offices can be altered to better suit the businesses’ needs.

Our office containers are usually available in two sizes i.e. 8’x20’ and 8’x40’. The office container is for sale. We, at Al Sadiq Freight Services are office container manufacturers in Lahore that sell office containers. These are available in limited quality and capacity on olx but we have complete accommodation of office containers among other containers with no compromise on quality or quantity. These office units are of a sturdy build and are equipped with electricity, air-conditioning and heating facilities. Phone and computer connection is also installed so you can furnish your office as any other office architect. Our office units are insulated against humidity and are fully lined with interior finish. Please contact Al-Sadiq Freight Services for booking your office Containers now. Below are some units we manufactured on client’s demand.