Best Reefer Containers in Pakistan

Another proud product of Al Sadiq Freight and Container services is reefer containers. We specialize in manufacture and repair of quality refrigerated containers. Equipped with best cooling machinery, our reefer containers are made with a focus on durability. We pride ourselves on creating a fast working, economical and highly reliable reefer unit that operates in a controlled environment while transporting perishable goods. Reefer containers are available for sale.

Temperature and Atmosphere Controlled Reefer Containers

Today, consumers across the world expect to have the freshest produce and goods throughout the whole year. This, of course, would be impossible without reefer containers taking your cargo across the globe. We offer all of the technologies that you’ve come to expect from a first-class reefer carrier.

If our clients wish it, we also manufacture custom designed reefer units, designed to transport their particular product in a stabilized condition. Our continuous temperature monitoring system and quality material of the containers built ensures that the product inside reaches its destination in the optimal condition. We know that you need modern and reliable equipment that is clean, safe and provides you with the most precise temperature control.