Our Team

We at Al-Sadiq Freight Services, are blessed to have the highly professional, talented individuals coming together to form formidable teams that are driven to achieve the best for its clientele. They settle at nothing less than the best for our clients. Our individuals are efficient problem solvers who are sincere to their work and yield promising output.

We in return, make sure that our team flourishes in a nurturing workplace environment. We ensure the providence of state-of-the art work facilities, so our hard-working people can make their art in the encouraging work-conditions. We also train our employees in recognizing safety hazards and how to overcome them with sessions on issues like First Aid, work-place safety and efficiency & Emergency Evacuation. But that’s not all, we have professionals on-site and off-site monitoring the sites for slightest risk of any unfortunate conditions because after all… our people are our best assets.