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The population of Lahore is ever-growing, and the city itself is undergoing a massive redevelopment. Many new developments in the city are not just modern but also eco-friendly and sustainable. One such project is the construction of porta office cabins in Lahore for those looking to move into a new office. They can be built within a short period and delivered anywhere in the country as long as there’s enough space for them to land on. Not only are they light on the pocket, but they are also tailor-built, meaning that it is entirely in your hand how you want these offices to look and feel. Porta office cabins are a new trend in the market. They are used by people who want to make an eco-friendly workplace but don’t have enough space for a conventional office. There are many benefits of owning a portable office, such as ease of construction, quick speed in construction, and the cost-to-benefit ratio.

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Porta Cabin Details


Porta office cabins are becoming a new trend in Lahore, with the city witnessing a rise in these offices. Portable offices are popular because they are cost-effective and sustainable.
Lahore is one of the most populated cities in Pakistan, and it is experiencing rapid growth. The city is also experiencing an influx of people who want to live in Lahore due to its cosmopolitan nature and cultural diversity. As a result, there has been an increase in demand for affordable workspace options for people from different walks of life. That’s where portable office cabins come into play, as these offices can be built within days and cost less than conventional office options that take months to build.
In addition to being cost-effective, portable container offices are also sustainable as they have a low environmental impact. Moreover, these offices have the edge over conventional ones owing to their compactness, time efficiency, relocation ability, space friendliness, and budget-friendliness.


Where to Buy Porta Office Cabin in Lahore?

Now that you know what porta office cabins are and why you should buy them, you may wonder how much they cost and where to find them. However, you need not worry because AlSadiq Services offers you these dependable and environmentally friendly container offices at a competitive price and makes them readily available to everyone.
We at AlSadiq Services can build you one of these marvelous, durable, and long-lasting portable office containers at a very reasonable price. So why wait any longer? Join us as we herald a new era in the construction industry! You can contact us for additional information or a consultation regarding the prices of porta office cabins in Lahore.

Space-efficient Products Offered by AlSadiq Services

Our versatile and pliant range of portable cabins has something in store for every one of you. As you explore our vast range of portable cabins, you will know that all of them are constructed with superior quality under the strict guidance of professionals. The most distinctive space-friendly and efficient products from our vast line of porta cabins are

  • Office Containers
  • Site Office Cabin
  • Prefab Homes
  • 20 ft. 40ft Storage Containers
  • Prefabricated Houses
  • Prefab  Office cabin
  • Industrial Buildings
  • Kitchen Containers
  • Property Dealers Container
  • Marquee Sheds

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If you want to import anything from any country in the world, AlSadiq Services is the best choice for you. We are specialists in Bulk Container Import.
You will get the best freight rates, door-to-door service and the most experienced import specialists to help you with all your consignments.

We will provide one Door import service including:

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Prefabricated Porta Office Cabin in Lahore


The most popular use of a portable cabin is as an office. A portable cabin also provides a comfortable space for people who are looking to spend their retirement in an affordable and pleasant environment.

Step 1
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Firstly you have to make a free quote and to do that you have to fill out the contact form.

Step 2

You will be connected with our contact person, where you can discuss all your project requirements.

Step 3
Qualit Work

Once you finalize your project requirements, our team will start working to transform your ideas into reality.

Step 4

Your finalized product will be delivered to your desired location quickly.

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Why Buy Porta Office Cabins from AlSadiq Services in Lahore?

Since client satisfaction is our top priority at AlSadiq Services, we provide these portable offices in a range of sizes, shapes, and patterns, ensuring that you have everything you need to be delivered precisely to your doorstep. We have 15-plus years of experience in the construction industry and creative technical staff backing up these porta office cabins. Here we provide you with a vast line of reasonably priced, aesthetically pleasing, and efficient porta office cabins.
Our porta office cabins are constructed of high-quality materials and have the best features. We pay close attention to detail, and the strength of our portable container offices will astound you. Every single one of our staff members is dedicated to giving you a high-quality once-in-a-lifetime experience from start to finish. Furthermore, we are available around the clock, so you can contact us whenever you need, and our staff will be more than happy to settle all your queries.

How To Reach Us

We are located at a prime location in Lahore. When you come from Thokar Niaz Baig towards Chung on Multan Road, after about 10 kms you will see Al Sadiq Services on your left side. Moreover, you can contact us by phone or email us on our provided credentials.


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Contact Person:   Ch Muneeb 

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Frequently Asked Questions

Portable cabins offer a lot of benefits for both the people who are using them and the environment.

They are easier to store, transport, and assemble. They are also less expensive than traditional cabins.

This is because they use less material, have fewer parts to assemble, and take up less space when not in use.

They also make it easier to find a place to put them since they can be moved around easily.

Prefabricated cabins are a great way to get the home of your dreams. They come in all shapes and sizes and can be customized to suit your needs. Standard Sizes of Porta Cabins:

10 x 8.5 x 8.5 feet

20 x 8.5 x 8.5 feet

40 x 8.5 x 8.5 feet

But it is not limited to these size, at Alsadiq Services we can built any size according to your needs.

The price of a portable cabin varies depending on the size, quality and the materials that are used for its construction. You can call us to get more details.

Portable cabins can be a great alternative to building a permanent, large-scale structure. They are not only cost-effective but also mobile and environmentally friendly.

The benefits of portable cabins include:

- Cost effective

- Mobile

- Environmentally friendly

Prefabricated cabins are designed to be easy to assemble and offer a quick solution for those who need a short-term accommodation. They are also cheaper than other types of housing.

The disadvantages of prefabricated cabins are that they are not as durable or spacious as other types of houses. They also may not be suitable for those with family members or pets.

It takes about two weeks to build a prefabricated cabin. The process involves constructing the frame of the building, installing the roof and finishing off with the exterior.

The prefabricated cabin is a great alternative to building a new house from scratch - it saves time, money and resources.

  • A door import service is a company that will import your goods from overseas to your doorstep.

    A door import service will help you with all the logistics and paperwork involved in importing goods, as well as organising customs clearance, shipping and any other requirements.

    If you are importing items from overseas, a door import service can make the process easier for you.

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