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We are in a time where we are left with limited space options and constructing a house for yourself or your loved ones, seems to be an arduous task that not only needs a lot of value monetarily but also needs a lot of your time and above all, space.

So in such times, porta cabin is the new future which is an all in one solution for all your commercial and residential space problems as it not only gives you the authority to move it from one place to another according to your ease and preference but it is also space-friendly and provides you with more specs and that too within a small space.

So if you are looking for porta cabins in Pakistan that are not only durable but are also aesthetically pleasing then look no forward as at Al Sadiq Services we are providing you the best specs that will leave you in awe.

Porta cabins are in full swing now, from being used as office cabins to storage units, conference staff accommodation sites to hospitals or schools in far off places, porta cabins are extremely popular owing to their portability.

Portable cabins as the name suggests, are relocatable compartments that are built for multi-purpose use. Being transportable they have an edge over the conventional buildings as they give you the power to move them according to your preference. Wanna go to set up some temporary camps for healthcare in some far off place or wanna set up a temporary school that can be transportable to the site of need then you need not worry as we are providing you the best porta cabins in Lahore that can fulfill all your requirements and that too without putting a hole in your pocket.

While talking about our versatile and pliant range, we have brilliant minds that can transform your dreams into reality and can change a simple box into an aesthetically pleasing and multi-purpose building that can serve a variety of functions. From portable offices to security cabins, from prefab school extensions to portable medical camps, from portable toilets to shower rooms, Al Sadiq Services being a trustworthy porta cabin manufacturer in Lahore guarantees that you will find the perfect thing you are looking for.

Thus, whatever you have in mind for a porta cabin to be, a home office, an outhouse, tourist cabin, on-site office, sleepout, vacation home, trailer home, farm living space, or any other structure, you just have to name it and you will get it at Al Sadiq Services.

These Porta cabins are timely delivered to our clients for immediate use. They are ideal for the expansion of any commercial and private buildings as they are cost and time-efficient. They can be built into any shape and are sturdy to weather changes. The best porta cabins near me are available at Al Sadiq Services, for quotation and free info click here.

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The Portable Cabins manufactured atAl Sadiq Servicescan be used for multiple purposes such as:

Prefab Houses

Our prefab houses are relocatable houses that can be built even in remote places and are totally fireproof and waterproof. So whether you want to live in the hustle and bustle of the city or want to spend time in the serene and peaceful place, we got your back as you can get for yourself a prefab house that is fully furnished with all the accessories that you need. Our prefab houses are custom made and tailor-built to suit the unique needs of our clients. Thus, we at Al Sadiq Services have something for each one of you and we are committed to bringing your ideal prefabricated houses from vision to reality.

prefabricated houses in pakistan2

Office Cabin

Being a name of trust and efficiency in the construction business, we guarantee that our porta cabins are waterproof and fireproof, thus, even when you are amidst bad weather you can easily carry out your day-to-day work easily in the office cabin. Portable cabins built by us can be used as Portable offices or other resourceful buildings.

So if you are looking for portacabin offices for sale, then look no forward as the compact design, durable finish and easy and quick installation makes our portable offices an all in one package for you that will cater to all your needs. We are offering these portable offices in a variety of sizes, designs, and patterns so whatever your particular requirement is you will get it delivered tailor-made right to your doorstep. Thus, our custom made portable offices with their compact layout and aesthetic designs will leave you astonished.

Container Office in Pakistan3

Portable Buildings

Our portable buildings are equipped with the best features, unique and aesthetic designs, and are made up of quality materials. We have a keen eye for detail and our portable buildings owing to their durability and aesthetics will leave you in awe. We at Al Sadiq services, provide you with the Porta cabins in Pakistan that are made using raw materials that are in accordance with international standards.  Our portable buildings are time-efficient as they are quick to make owing to which they save a lot of your precious time, are multi-functional and at the same time are easy on your wallet. Thus, it is our commitment to provide you with outstanding specs and quality services that make us the best office cabin supplier in Pakistan.

office cabin

Prefab School Extensions

Prefab school extensions can be easily used as a temporary or permanent solution to your institutional space-related problems.  We at Al Sadiq Services, being a reliable portable cabin manufacturer ensures that our prefab school extensions are water-resistant that puts you on the advantage that you do not have to worry about the ill effects of rain or sunshine on the durability and look of your prefabricated houses. Prefab school extensions easily find their way in the educational sector and they can include multiple classrooms that have all it takes for catering to the needs of the students and faculty alike. These features make them much more accessible and operable in remote locations as compared to the conventional school buildings. The best thing about these prefab school extensions is that their classrooms can be custom made to suit your requirements. They are easy and quick to install and do not require any extra labor on your part.

Prefabricated Cabin in Pakistan15

Bunk Houses

Owing to the solid construction of our bunk houses, they last for ages as you do not have to worry about uninvited guests like termites ruining your bunk house. Moreover, they can also withstand the harsh environment whether it is hailing outside or thundering, if there is some dust storm or lightning you are safe inside your portable bunk house. When it comes to the bunk houses that we make, we use raw materials that are in accordance with international standards and are waterproof which ensures that your bunk houses will be able to withstand a multitude of weather conditions.
We deliver custom made bunk houses to your doorsteps, so whether you are living in the city or in a remote area, we and our best quality services are just a call away from you. Our bunk houses can have multiple bunk beds installed in them to suit your requirement. So whether you need a bunk house to accommodate your employees on an official tour or your loved ones or friends during your camping tour, you can have a tailor-made bunk house for yourself. Besides beds, our bunk houses also come furnished with cooking, dining, and storage areas.
Moreover, you also have the power to opt for a furnished or unfurnished bunk house. Our furnished bunk houses contain custom accessories like bunk beds, washroom units, cupboards, cabinets, sockets, lights, fans, windows, paneling, timber cladding, carpeting, and insulation from heat and sound. Our wiring system is efficient and wires are concealed properly so you won’t find any loose wires lingering here and there. Thus, by choosing Al Sadiq Services, you can get what you want and that too without upsetting your budget.

Prefbricated House in Pakistan

Security Cabins and Toll Booths

Owing to their compact size and rugged construction, our security cabins and toll booths are an excellent choice as they are not only comfortable but at the same time ensure that you can carry out your work even in uncertain weather conditions.  Because of all these exclusive features, our security cabins have really high demand, and a lot of MNCs, embassies, and renowned firms are using such cabins to accommodate their security guards. Moreover, the toll booths can be easily used to accommodate the toll officers carrying out their duties at highways, motorways, and other places.

These porta cabins are 100% waterproof, fire-resistant, and can be transported everywhere because of their compact sizes. Our security cabins usually have a conservative exterior that blends into any surroundings, to maintain a serious security outlook. But inside, they are comfortable and focused. All our security cabins are factory tested, thus of reliable constitution made with quality raw materials and advanced architect technology.  When it comes to the construction and installation of these portable cabins, then they are shipped assembled and ready for use upon installation. So what needs to be done is to place the porta cabin at the site of your choice and connect it to the power source. 

Our security cabins and toll booths are fitted with sliding windows, heat and sound insulation, paneling, some lights, fans, and sockets. When it comes to wiring, we perform this task in an efficient manner. The wires will be fully concealed and they won’t get in the way of the users. Last but not least clients can get their custom-made security cabins or toll booths and can choose from a variety of available roofing, door, and window options.

Security Cabins in Pakistan12

Portable toilets and shower rooms

Al Sadiq Services being a renowned name when it comes to porta cabins manufacturer in Lahore also offers portable toilets and shower rooms that come equipped with all the services that you need. Al Sadiq Services specializes in building portable toilets and showers. These can be standard sized portable cabins or custom sized according to the desires of our respective clients. Portable toilets and showers are ready to use toilets that can be installed at any remote location with proper supplies, connection with the external sewerage lines, and are good to go. 

From a basic portable toilet having the basic bathroom utilities like a washbasin, toilet unit, and simple taps to a lavish bathroom containing all the luxurious accessories like bathtubs, gilded bathroom sinks, multiple showerheads, or anything that our client calls for, we are committed to cater to all of their needs. Thus, whether you need portable toilets to cater to the needs of your guests on your destination wedding site or the clients in those gigantic skyscrapers, we got your back as we are providing you with your perfect match and our excellent plumbing . We made our cabins in the same aesthetics as the rest of the building it is to be attached with. They can also be relocated to another place should the need arise. So if you are worrying that all of these amazing specs will cost you an arm and a leg, then you need not worry. You will be amazed by our porta cabin price as we are providing you with all these fantastic services and quality support at a reasonable price.

So if you are looking for a porta cabin for rent in Lahore or porta cabin for sale in Lahore or any other city of Pakistan, Al Sadiq Services are here to cater to all your needs and provide you quality services at a reasonable price because here at Al Sadiq Services, we believe that everyone deserves to have their dreams come to reality.  Moreover, if you are on a tight budget then we respect it and provide you with the option that you can get the basic solid foundation now and can call for any additions later on or you can also get your hands on the used portable cabins that you can get without ruining your bank.

Porta Toilet in Pakistan

Portable Buildings & Bunk Houses

Al Sadiq Services produces all types of Bunk Houses. These Bunk Houses are waterproof portable buildings that can be installed and used at different locations. Bunk Houses are waterproof cabins that houses multiple bunk beds for employees or household members camping at a site with an eating, cooking and storage area accommodating besides the beds. We provide these porta cabins as furnished as well as without furnished. Furnished can include several custom fittings such as bunk beds, washroom units installed and ready to used, cupboards and cabinets for storage. Al Sadiq Services builds Bunk Houses that can hold their own against tough weather. These custom made portable cabins are ready to use fitted with all the necessities such as sockets, lights, fans (if needed), hidden wiring, windows, paneling and carpeting if required and insulation from heat and sound.

Our cabins layouts are designed specifically to suit the client’s needs whether it’s about timber cladding or circular windows. We made our cabins in the same aesthetics as the rest of the building it is to be attached with. They can also be relocated to another place should the need arise. If our clients are on a budget restriction that we can work around it by laying a strong foundation for later any additions.

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